Our passion is bringing newly commercialised global technologies into South Africa, Southern Africa and the rest of the continent to solve daily challenges our people face. These highly sophisticated products, which are the latest to hit the market, are sourced from technologically advanced countries like Europe, the US, China, Japan and South Korea.

Shangshangce Investment House is now the home of new systems, new gadgets, new equipment, new software, new machines and all kinds of new commercialised technologies. Our technologies are affordable and are tailor-made for both individuals and businesses.

So buy or use any of our products or services today and be amazed at how they advance your personal lifestyle and transform your business operations for the better. At Shangshangce Investment House we want to be known one of the most technologically savvy and forward-thinking entities in the world.

We’re here to meaningfully contribute to the Fourth Industrial Revolution. We are here to radically disrupt people’s lives and change how companies operate today, tomorrow and the day after.

Welcome to Shangshangce Investment House. Welcome to the present continuous future…


The business is strategically located in KwaZulu-Natal, a mere one (1) hour away from Durban, the Port City of South Africa, which links with the Southern Africa Region. The company has a Satellite office in Johannesburg. This allows for ease in logistics management and the movement of goods, essentially promoting global trade, which is what Shangshangce is all about. We have sourcing and partnership offices in these cities of the world i.e. Dubai, Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Vietnam and others.


Our philosophy is the creation of an ecosystem that will ensure a better life for human kind. This we do through sourcing different technological solutions throughout the world that will allow human beings to live a better quality of life.

Each and every technology we bring into the African continent is geared towards solving a particularly challenge. Our products range from manufacturing technology, e-mobility technology, supportive infrastructure, and many more technologies.

At Shangshangce Investment House we strive for the best amongst the best technologies. We are to be the foremost technological hub in the Southern Africa hemisphere.


Our mission is to position Shangshangce Investment House as a centre for the most simple, yet complex technologies that solve human kind challenges.


The greater value in life is honesty and trustworthiness. This is at the core of what drives our investment house where transactions are a life-long relationship.